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photos for marketing strategy

Use Photographs In Your Marketing Strategy

Are you a small business owner looking for a marketing strategy that will help you build ongoing relationships with your customers, clients, and patients? Would your brick and mortar location like to

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get more reviews

Get Reviews, Gain Referrals

Would you go to a restaurant you knew nothing about? Would you hire a lawyer with zero client reviews? What about a plastic surgeon? Knowing about the experiences of others is a huge part of how we decide

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14 Tips For Small Business Saturday

Are you ready for Small Business Saturday? It’s a great opportunity to remind the residents in your community to shop local as the holiday shopping season kicks off. I shared some ideas on MSNBC’s

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get more referrals

Referrals: The Easiest Marketing Strategy To Put More Money In Your Pocket

You’re a smart business owner. You know that you’ve got to do marketing to get customers in the door. Marketing will make or break the success of your small business. But if you want to get

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Marketing In Two Minutes Or Less: The Power of Zero

When you think of the number zero, you’re probably thinking it’s not a very powerful number. Watch this video to see why zero is the most powerful number a small business owner should know

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