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Do you struggle with figuring out how to get your  content marketing done ? Most do. “Small Business Stacey” shares the secret sauce that she uses in her business and for her clients.

Hey, everybody. If you’ve been following me recently you know I’ve been talking a lot about content and marketing. That’s because it’s such an important topic and something that every small business owner needs to incorporate into their marketing plan. In  episode 72 of Marketing in 2 Minutes or Less , I talk about how you can use content to tell, not sell.

Now, most small business owners get that they should be doing  content marketing , but when it comes to getting it done they don’t know where to start. Well today, I want to share with you a terrific resource for that. Actually, they’re my client. They’re called,  iNeedArticles . I encourage you to go check them out at . Their name really says it all, but they are so much more than just articles. Really, they will cover all of your written  content marketing needs, articles, eBooks. They even do tweets. It’s absolutely free to set up an account with them. Go ahead and do that. Use them when you need written content done.

But before you do that I want you to go listen to  episode 39 of where Marketing Meets Technology . In that episode, Digital Dave and I talk about long tail keywords. This is so critical because you don’t want to write a story, for example, just about peanut butter. You want to find out what the long tail keywords are so you can rank on the top. Listen to that episode. Use  iNeedArticles  as a resource, and you will get your  content marketing done .

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Content Marketing

Content marketing: those two words can scare the bejeezers out of small and local business owners. Why is that? Well when you think of content marketing, you’ve got to create content in many different places. There’s blogs, there’s video, there’s audio, there’s social media, there’s SlideShare, and on and on and on.


Changing Content and Keeping Content Fresh

Today, we’re talking about changing content. When someone visits your homepage, they want to know that you’re active and that you’re a proponent of the product, services and content that you’re sharing. No one wants to see that you have a post that’s 10 years old. Let me share with you how you can incorporate changing content as an element on your homepage.


Use Content Upgrades To Boost Lead Generation

You want to use your homepage as a way to build a list. And the way that you do that is get people to raise their hand to get content that you offer in exchange for their email. Let me share with you how you can incorporate content upgrades as an element on your homepage. Most small business owners do lead generation wrong. They think, “I’ve got to get a lead. I can’t let that visitor leave. So I’m going to pop up a big, annoying box in their face so they give me their name and email.” Yeah, good luck with that.


Give Your Customers Something To Talk About In Your Content

A lot of small business owners come to me asking for help with their social media marketing. They find that they’re struggling getting more likes, more followers, and especially engagement with their social media postings. The challenge is that when I look at their social media channels, they are not posting engaging content. They’re not providing something that people want to talk about.


Copywriting – Tell A Story

Seriously, after you watch this video, go to your website and look at your about page. Now yes, it says about us, about me. Right? So, it’s all brag brag, I I I, we we we, been in business 300 years. You know what? Nobody cares.


Free Content Creation Tools

On this show “Digital Dave” spends a few minutes talking about the future of Digital Marketing and some of the risks of putting all your marketing eggs in one basket. “Digital Dave” then shares many great FREE tools for video, audio and image creation and editing that you can download for FREE today. Download links to FREE software are provided below.


How To Use Google Keyword Planner To Build a List of Keywords

We’re going to be covering an extension of a previous video where we talked about Google Trends, and how you can use Google Trends to help identify niches where the traffic is typically, hopefully trending upward, but not always necessarily does it have to work. We will be looking at how to build a list of keywords using the Google Keyword Planning tool.


Why Repurposing Content Just Makes Sense

There comes a time where every website or blog owner gets to the point where they get “content block” which essentially means you struggle for ways to create new, helpful and unique content. “Digital Dave” in this lesson lays out the concept, when you eventually get to this point, that you simply start to repurpose content you already have created.


Tell Or Sell With Your Content

When someone visits your website do you “tell or sell“? “Small Business Stacey” shares the importance of needing to educate prospects and build a “know, like, trust” factor before they’re ready to buy.


How To Get Your Content Done - The Secret Sauce

Do you struggle with figuring out how to get your content marketing done? Most do. “Small Business Stacey” shares the secret sauce that she uses in her business and for her clients.