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Get Reviews, Gain Referrals

Would you go to a restaurant you knew nothing about? Would you hire a lawyer with zero client reviews? What about a plastic surgeon?

Knowing about the experiences of others is a huge part of how we decide where to spend our hard-earned money, and online reviews are more important than ever for consumers. In fact, local SEO management expert BrightLocal reported that “84 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation” and the same study found that nearly 40 percent of consumers looked for a doctor or dentist online in 2014 – second only to the restaurant industry.

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It’s not always easy to ask a client, especially if they’re brand-new, to write you a review. After all, you don’t want to look desperate (or worse, like approval from others is your only motivation for providing great service). So then, is there a way to ask for a review without being abrasive? Will it effectively encourage your customers to take a few minutes out of the day for you?

There are several ways to approach the question or request, but you must first know exactly where you want the reviews to be written. Google reviews are where the majority of people looking for information on your business will land first, so building up strong Google reviews should be your first stop. Companies are always linked to their review pages, so make sure you start with Google reviews as a basic platform.


Naturally, if a customer mentions how happy they are, that’s the perfect time to ask for a review. You can also ask in your emails, newsletters, social media accounts, or other public online platforms to reach out for reviews. If you see clients every day, you might have even better luck asking your customers or patients in person. Just make sure the person with the most client interaction is the one who always asks for the review, as that relationship is likely the strongest.


First, check the guidelines by the FTC, which prohibits undeclared incentives for online reviews. You could actually be dealt a fine for offering money, products, or services in exchange for online reviews. Also, have a look at the policies of the review sites you want to use. Most sites, including Google, have a strict no-incentives policy, and Yelp recommends business owners change their phrasing altogether. Rather than asking for a review, they suggest saying “check us out on Yelp.” If you do ask, just remember to give them an honest estimate of how long it will take and why it’s important for your company or practice to get feedback from reviews.


Reviews are best given when the customer is happiest. If it’s possible to have a short conversation right after you’ve provided your service, asking them nicely for their thoughts, your customer will be more likely not only to give you a review, but more likely to give you a great review.

Reviews don’t just give you a competitive edge. Public reviews serve as a referral system in which strangers who are in the market for your products or services can connect with people who are already satisfied customers.

Putting a proactive strategy in place to get reviews is well worth the effort. You’ve got to ask to receive.

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