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Gourmet Specialty Coffee is the Key Ingredient

You may already know this, but to make sure you don’t forget this valuable coffee catering lesson. If you are going to offer coffee catering services then you going to want to offer some type of gourmet specialty coffee.  There are 2 reasons for this:

  1. They are paying for it.
  2. It can make your coffee catering packages appear to be different and unique from the other coffee catering services.

Every gourmet recipe, from Tiramisu to classic coffee cake deserves only the finest ingredients, and specialty coffee made from 100% Arabica beans is the choice for the greatest coffee creations. So what is specialty coffee? According to experts, it is coffee made from the highest quality beans found in the world. The beans are then perfectly roasted by artists known as master roasters to bring out the full flavor of the bean. The difference between gourmet specialty coffee and any commercial brand is the difference between roses and dandelions.

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There are 2 main types of coffee generally available to consumers. The first is made with Arabica Beans ( the ROSES!). These are the finest available. Specialty coffee is made exclusively with Arabica Beans. Varieties such as Kona coffee from Hawaii, Columbian Supremo, and Jamaican Blue Mountain are highly cherished and are considered some of the best coffees in the world. All my recipes are made only with 100% Arabica coffee. Using anything else is like topping a souffle’ with tomato catsup.

Specialty coffees made with Arabica beans are a little more expensive then supermarket and convenience store beans, and the reason is simply this. Arabica beans are a much higher quality coffee bean, producing a coffee taste that is incomparable. The love and care given in the preparation and roasting of these beans always provides for a consistently superior coffee flavor. If you are going to treat yourself coffee catering customers to a 5-star quality recipe, shouldn’t you begin with a 5-star quality coffee?

The second type of coffee most widely available throughout most of the world is known as Robusto ( the Dandelions). This variety of coffee is considered inferior by most coffee experts, including those qualified to judge and rate coffee on an international scale. Costa Rica, which produces some very fine Arabica coffee beans, has even passed a national law against the cultivation and harvesting of Robusto coffee plants. Some of the biggest customers of Robusto coffee beans are big commercial coffee companies that market canned and prepackaged coffee to supermarkets, convenience stores, and commercial wholesalers. It is not fresh roasted, and the difference in taste and quality is obvious. It is proof that when it comes to coffee, you truly get what you pay for, and so do your catering customers.

Don’t go cheap here … Gourmet Specialty Coffee is the Key Ingredient … pick something that makes your coffee catering services gourmet and unique. If you roast and package your own beans, we are sure they are delicious and unique, but those who do not, we added a couple of images in this post picked as couple fo the 2017/2018 top coffees just to get you thinking about your gourmet coffee catering offerings.

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