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Thai Iced Coffee

Are you looking for an exotic iced coffee? Then Thai Iced Coffee should do the trick? Mix the coffee with the cardamom, and brew the coffee with 4 cups water as you normally would. Stir in the sugar, and

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Pineapple Passion Smoothie

This decadently thick drink can even satisfy your desire for ice cream! Print Recipe Pineapple Passion Smoothie

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Apricot-Mango Madness Smoothie

Fresh lemon juice adds a tangy splash to this sweet smoothie. Print Recipe Apricot-Mango Madness Smoothie

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Just Peachy Smoothie

Fat-free vanilla ice cream makes this dish sinful and slimming. Skip the spoonful of sugar for a healthier pick. Print Recipe Just Peachy

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Orange Dream Creamsicle

Need to cool down after a tough workout or a hot day at the beach? Lap up this low-cal, citrus-infused drink. Print Recipe Orange Dream

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