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Convert More Traffic To Paying Customers With Social Proof

Convert More Traffic To Paying Customers With Social Proof

Is your website converting traffic into customers? If not watch this video where “Small Business Stacey” lays out the absolute need for social proof to convert website visitors into paying customers.

Got Badges? Hey everybody, Small Business Stacey here to talk about a topic that’s really important when it comes to the marketing of your catering services.

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Convert More Traffic To Paying Customers With Social Proof

Here’s the transcript:

You see, it’s not so much what you say about yourself that matters, it’s what other people say about you that matters when people are deciding whether to use your catering services or not, especially for the first time. They want to know that you have the expertise and that you’ve done a great job for other people. So the way that you show that through testimonials and badges and awards. So I’m going to share my screen with you and show you how I do this on my site. This is my website and on it I feature some of our awards on the top. And as somebody’s scrolling down, they can then see the different kinds of clients that we’ve worked with.

So if somebody from a similar organization, and interestingly enough, even the competition, this is great for positioning. So, for example, Chadbourne is a law firm in the Washington DC area and we’ve gotten so many other law firms because they’re like, if they’d been to Chadbourne, well we have to have them. Also Gibson Dunn another law firm. So showcasing the names and the logos of the clients that you’ve done catering for can be very powerful. Another one is awards. Where are you re-enforcing that? What you do is so fantastic, and positioning you as the expert and the celebrity in your area. There are also badges that you can get, no doubt you’ve seen these four (Google, Yelp, Facebook) at your favorite restaurant while using them for catering as well. Just helps provide confidence and authority that you are making the right choice. And then, of course, there are testimonials. We just feed these in from our different reviews sites like Google and Yelp and Facebook.

Convert More Traffic To Paying Customers With Social Proof

And as those reviews come in, we post them not only here, but we actually even have a whole page on our site where we feature the testimonials. So we actually have text testimonials that are coming in from the review sites, but when we’re out at jobs and we find that people are just loving it, we actually use video. Video is so powerful because it then also gives the opportunity to see what that experience is going to be like. So I’m going to share with you this one video that we got while we were out at a catering job.

It states that one means we use to determine what is correct is to find out what other people think is correct.


All right. So as you were watching that, did it make you smile so you could sort of say, God, that guy loves that smoothie right. If I were just to say, we have the best smoothies and you should cater with us, it’s not going to be as effective. Right? But by showing a video of how much the people are loving it, it’s a completely different experience. So how can you use the power of social sharing, whether that’s awards, badges, testimonials, or video to reinforce that you are the only choice for catering in your area.

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This is Small Business Stacey, your Small Biz Marketing Specialist here to help you learn how to do catering. So you can stop selling by the cup and start selling by the gallon.

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Stacey and Dave Riska, aka "The Cups To Gallons Champions" are on a mission to help independent coffee, smoothie, juice bar, ice cream, dessert and snack shop owners learn how to get into lucrative catering. They transformed their coffee/smoothie business from $500K in debt to a 7-figure profitable business (yes you read that right!) by doing catering. They're the author of "Cups To Gallons where they share the 5-step CATER system that can give you $800 a day (or more!) in profits. Join Stacey, Dave and your fellow small business owners in the FREE Facebook Cups To Gallons Group

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