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The Only Metric That Matters

The Only Marketing Metric That Matters

The Only Metric That Really Matters

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There’s a lot of metrics that you can measure in your business. Most small business owners look at sort of the typical things like how many new customers, clients, or patients did I get, or what is the ROI on this or that marketing campaign? But those are short-term marketing metrics. There’s only one metric that matters in the marketing of your business, and that is customer lifetime value or CLV, because all of the other metrics, focusing on new customers and where they’re coming from, those are transactionally based. It’s sort of like a customer going in, a customer going out, a marketing campaign, a marketing campaign there. What you want to focus on is the long-term value, what that customer, client, or patient is worth to you over the long haul.

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I work with a realtor who has really maximized the value of customer lifetime value. She has a lot of customers and clients, but she spends the majority of her time focusing on the top 20. We call them her sphere of influence, because these are the referral sources that are bringing her two, three, and four homes that get listed every year, and that means a commission of 30, 50, $80,000, so she wants to focus her time, effort and money on the referral sources that are bringing her the most bang for her buck. She does this by creating fun and unique experiences and staying front of mind. She’s at least every quarter sending something out to them, a gift that is personalized. She holds a quarterly get together. I’m actually helping her right now plan a movie event where her top 20 clients are going to come in and get treated to dinner and a movie, and it’s a unique experience that they’re going to take back and remember.

The message I want to get across to you today is don’t focus on all those short-term transactional marketing metrics. Yes, they’re important, but what is really important is focusing on the long-term value, your customer lifetime value, and the top 10% of your customers, clients, and patients that are going to bring you the most bang for your buck.

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  • Stephen W. says:

    Nice post. Speaking of metrics … from the post CLV is a very important metric, but if we are doing marketing what are some of the best metrics to be monitoring for our marketing campaigns?

    • There are lots of metrics you can use to measure your marketing campaigns . . . . # of leads generated, # of sales, $ of sales, etc. Ultimately it’s the ROI that matters . . . are you making more than you’re spending? You definitely want to measure that. What metrics are you currently measuring?

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